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How to Be Mindful When You Are Angry

I liked this article in the New York Times. It was a great, quick mindfulness activity focused on an emotion that many people struggle with or are afraid of. People so often worry about the social ramifications of anger that they suppress it, but connecting with your anger on your own can be energizing and focusing! The one thing I wished the article touched on is how often we revert to anger instead of sadness, which is often what we're really feeling. It is easier to be angry with someone when they treat us poorly than to connect to the sad part of ourselves that either is mourning the loss of connection in a relationship or is questioning your sense of worthiness in the face of mistreatment.  Often, I use the word pain to encompass this experience - it's anger and it's sadness, so best to make room for both. Being with anger and honoring it can be a good way to connect to your sadness if you make room for it and feel comfortable connecting with a more vulnerable part of yourself. Have you tried exercises like this? What's been your experience?